Tree Of Life Beauty Retinol Anti Wrinkle Serum For All Skin Types, 60 ml


  • The highest available amount of retinol without a prescription, our 2.5 percent retinol serum helps turn back the clock of aging, helping to give you smooth, refreshed skin the moment you use it. Our 72 percent organic retinol serum helps counter the effects of aging and give your skin a youthful shine while making it feel soft and rejuvenated. Your face will not only feel moisturized and refreshed, but it will look vibrant as our anti wrinkle serum begins to take effect
  • 700 clinical studies show retinol s significant anti aging, anti wrinkle effects when applied consistently. Retinol is the number one anti aging ingredient which prevents the breakdown of collagen and stimulates the body s production of new collagen. This serum is powerful, so please allow your skin to adjust to its anti wrinkle effects. It is non-greasy, goes on smoothly, and leaves no residue. See our customer reviews for proof
  • Suitable for all skin types