The Beauty Sailor – Green Tea Skin Elixir, Face Serum for Reduce Wrinkles, Treat Dark Circles, Overnight Repair & firming With Green Tea Extract, Ginger, Lemon & Orange Fruit Extract For Everlasting Glow – 50 ML


  • CLEANSES THE SKIN- This skin brightening serum clears up the skin by limiting blemishes and diminishing the dark spots. It eliminates the dark patches from your skin and provides a brighter glowing skin.
  • BOOSTS COLLAGEN PRODUCTION- Orange fruit extract present in the elixir stimulates collagen production, reducing the damage caused by free radicals. The orange extracts are rich in Vitamin C and it is said to be a natural skin whitener. It has no side-effects and is not harsh on skin
  • PREVENTS AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL STRESSORS- The skin goes through a lot when outside; therefore, to heal it, we need something, and the Green Tea Elixir is a perfect solution. This elixir helps to protect the skin from harmful UV radiations and heals the damage done by the environmental stressors.
  • ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES- It has antiseptic properties, because of which the elixir prevents further acne breakouts.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL – This skincare product is made with nature-derived ingredients; suitable for both men & women and all skin types. Restore your bright and healthy skin tone with our Green Tea Skin Elixir. For promising results keep it in regular usage.