Pack of 3 SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers 30g with 1 Applicator and Hairline Comb (Black)


  • MADE IN CANADA. SureThik High Performance Hair Fibers are made of pure, natural keratin protein that has been precision cut into tiny micro-sized fibers. These microscopic hair fibers bond electro-statically with your existing hair to produce dramatic density, volume, and total coverage. Our lightweight hair thickening fibers build upon your existing hair and naturally blend in seamlessly.
  • SureThik is rain, wind, and perspiration resistant and washes out with shampoo. SureThik does not clump, and looks, feels, and styles just like your own hair.
  • Our proprietary SureStay formula uses natural keratin, the same protein found in your own hair, making our fibers virtually undetectable in comparison to other hair loss concealing products.
  • Since SureThik is an all-natural complex of organic protein it is completely safe to use with topical hair loss treatments. SureThik is safe to use with Hair Transplant Surgeries: SureThik is recommended by many hair transplant surgeons to their clients because it is completely safe and it works extremely well on hair transplants. Even if you’ve just had hair transplant surgery, SureThik will completely eliminate the appearance of any temporary post-operative thinning, scabs, and scars.
  • SureThik applicator uses a PATENTED gravity based design to feed the fibers into the spray chamber. This allows the SureThik Hair Thickening fibers to dispense more evenly and gives a consistent flow of fibers all the way until the bottle is completely empty. Hairline Tool makes it easy to create a natural-looking front hairline.