Medsor Impex Hair Transplant Titanium Forceps Angled 13 cm/5″


  • Long angle forceps are used during the hair transplant. For FUE extraction or implant of hair follicles. Its angle makes easy hair implantation. It helps to implant or extract hair or hair follicle
  • Surgical forcep is a product of best steel because it ensures they’ll stand up to perennial sterilization in high-temperature autoclaves
  • Above all hinged at one finish, removed from the grasping finish (colloquially such extractor area unit referred to as tweezers) and hinged within the middle, rather like scissors
  • Some area unit product of alternative high-quality Titanium, atomic number 24 and V alloys as a result to make sure sturdiness of edges and restlessness
  • Angle forcep has light-weight, so it is easy to grip in hands. The doctors also use it in other microsurgeries, neurosurgery, etc