LR Wonder Company Bee Snail Anti Blemish Face Cream for Acne Scars, Pigmentation, Glowing Skin, Anti Ageing for Women & Men – 50 ml | Boosts Collagen with Copaiba, Hyaluronic Acid | Made in Italy


  • FIGHTS ACNE SCARS & PIGMENTATION: Snail Mucin is naturally rich in Glycolic acid, Allantoin, Peptides & anti bacterials – nutrients that soothe, repair, regenerate, & boost collagen & elastin production. Helps in healing scars, blemishes, dark spots & hyper pigmentation while providing soothing relief from acne, breakouts, redness & sun exposure. No snails are harmed to collect Snail Mucin.
  • RESTORES GLOW & BRIGHTENS: The mild exfoliating action of Glycolic Acid from Snail Mucin & Lactic Acid, along with the brightening action of Bee Venom, bring out your skin’s natural glow. No bees or snails are harmed.
  • TIGHTENING, TONING & COLLAGEN BOOSTING: Melittin present in Bee Venom induces a powerful collagen & elastin production response in the skin that gives you a naturally tightened, youthful appearance. It tightens pores to control oiliness & give you an even toned complexion. An extremely coveted ingredient in anti ageing skin care, Bee Venom is more expensive than gold! No bees are harmed to collect Bee Venom.
  • REJUVENATES, REGENERATES & HYDRATES: A groundbreaking ingredient in skincare, Amazonian Copaiba Sap is a powerful enabler of skin regeneration. It helps in relieving inflammation & soothes acne & breakouts. Coupled with the hydrating effect of Hyaluronic Acid, it keeps your skin youthful, soft & supple.
  • MADE IN ITALY: Manufactured in facilities that conform to the strictest European norms, our products are Dermatologically Tested, Paraben Free, Non Comedogenic & involve No Animal Testing. Our luxurious ingredients are held to the highest standards of quality & purity. No snails or bees are harmed.
  • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Mild, gentle formulation that is perfect for combination, oily, normal, dry & sensitive skin. Leaves no residue & is rapidly absorbed into your skin.
  • RECOMMENDED USAGE: Use once daily – as a base for your skincare & makeup routine. To maximise desired outcome, layer on top of a serum. Can also be used as a recovery cream at night, before bed.