Devinez Asafoetida – Heeng Essential Oil, 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted, 1000ml in Anodized Aluminum Bottle


  • Anodized Aluminum Bottle, 1000ml
  • Botanical Name: Ferula foetida
  • Method of Extraction : Steam Distillation
  • The major chemical constituents are phellandrenes, ?-pinene, hendecyl-sulphonyl acetic acid, ferulic acid and ethers of sesquiterpenes with coumarines like farnesi feroles.
  • Asafoetida essential oil originates from the resin or gum within the roots of the small plant with similar name. It really is extracted via steam distillation and may even appear pale yellow, golden-yellow, or even dark amber colored. It has an uncomfortable, irritating, as well as stinky odor when they are not yet distilled, but when refined in the oil form, it provides an aromatic scent. This particular oil is additionally often called Asafetida, heeng, hing.